Here are the 5 mosted viewed drone shots. Hope is is an inspiration and gives you an idea of how we can make something epic for your company.

FPV Droneshot of F24 Nordics in Trondheim

Introducing some of the great people working at the office.

This is an unique way to introduce an location and people in ONE droneshot. The combination gives the viewer an idea of what the office looks like and that there are places to have a break in the day to play and have some fun. The audience also get impressed by how an FPV drone can tell a story in one drone shot.

FPV Drone shot at the museum of KUK (Kjøpmannsgata Ung Kunst).

Art museum in Trondheim with over 1000 square meters of art. Welcome to the museum, and enjoy the ride. This museum is even free entrance, and know you know how epic it looks inside. The is a new exhibition about 4 times a year. Check out their website if you want to plan vi visit K.U.K (Kjøpmannsgata Ung Kunst).

Bricco di Nizza

Villa Vinory Bricco di Nizza, is located Piedmont, Northwestern of Italy. This wounderful place is 1 hour and 45 min from Milan Airport. This Villa have a stunning view, with pool, and the villas own wine cellar.

La Gironda

When you visit La Gironda, you will always feel welcome with Susan and her lovely family.
This place is great and they love to share their story and knowledge with you.